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Improve Your Bowling and Have Fun Doing It 4. Features and Dimensions of a Bowling Lane Learn how to stay focused, banish distractions and negative talk, thrive during pressure, and reach your highest potential no matter what your level. When you’ve made it through all of these articles, check out our book  Get in the Bowling Zone . It covers the mental game in bowling, which is frequently ignored by beginning bowlers but actually has a bigger impact on your score than your talent or physical technique! Bowling Articles Archive bowling articlesBowling Articles Archive bowling articles 3. 5 Common Bowling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 1. How to Pick Up More Spares Using the Target Pin Method 3. Bowling Stance: Where to Stand and Body Position Sign up for exclusive bowling tips sent to your inbox, opportunities to connect with us and other bowlers, bowling articles and a free ebook of our best content. 1. How to Grip a Bowling Ball: Fingertip and Conventional Grips 1. How to Choose a House Ball at the Alley Welcome to our bowling articles homepage! We’ve put together a series of instructional articles that will teach you everything you’ll need to start bowling confidently and successfully. If you find them helpful, we’d really appreciate it if you click the “Like” button below. And please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for another topic to cover. 2. The Importance of Oil and Bowling Lane Conditions 6. How to Bowl a Hook With Correct Technique 3. Bowling Shoes: bowling news articles